Collection: Multifunction Cable Testers

NOYAFA can supply various cable testers, such as LCD cable test series, Cable length tester series, network cable tester, models including:

  • a). LCD cable tester can trace and locate RJ45, RJ11, BNC, USB cables, measure RJ45 or RJ11 or BNC cables
  • b). Cable length tester mainly includes NF-8601 series is our updated multifunction cable tester, it also has PoE & PING functions. users can order 1pc remote or 8pcs remotes. NF-8601S is top selling with TDR theory can measure cable length and locate cable faults accurately; and it can measure multi cable types: power cable, cat7, cat6a.
  • c). PoE network cable tester,  if you want to test PoE, NF-488 is a good option, Detecting PoE voltage, current, power, PSE standards Power supply modes, and Verify RJ45 cables. if you add a tracing and locating cable function, NF-8209 is a good option, it can trace and measure network cable, also it can test PoE testing, like a basic of NF-8601S.