Collection: Fiber optic instrument

High sensitivity and high precision optical power meter, visual fault locator (5mw/10mw/20mw/30mw), or optical multimeter, it responds very quickly without preheating and can display fast-tracking and real-time measurement when output power changes, with a high accuracy.

  • Power measurement range (dBm): -50 ~ +26,
  • wavelength measurement range: 800-170 NM,
  • Probe type: inGaAs.
  • And versatile interface design of optical fiber multimeter - the interface is applicable and designed for SC, FC, ST connections and standard universal 2.5mm adaptors, making it more suitable for ftth
  • Practical and compact design- Miniature chassis protection design prevents damage caused by accident drop; it is portable and easy to bring with a large screen and LED backlight.