Collection: Measuring instruments

As one of the measuring instruments manufacturers & metal detector manufacturers, Noyafa has many kinds of measuring instruments, like infrared thermal scanners, noncontact voltage testers, etc.

  • a) An infrared thermal imager with different resolution and performance options is widely used in electrical troubleshooting and inspection, and home use applications.
  • b) Pipe blockage detector with different ranges like 20, 30, and 40m.
  • c) Metal scanner is commonly used in security and monitoring applications, with high sensitivity to detect many kinds of metals. d)Wall stud scanner, it has 4 working modes to detect wood, metal, non-metal, and AC wire. Besides,
  • e) GPS land meter works by GPS, measure large areas like farmland, forest, etc. Users can even drive their vehicle to measure if the area is too large to walk. For more details, click each page to learn more highlights and features about measuring instruments.