Can I request whatever tester products I want?
Please contact our sales team, they will provide product information according to your needs.

What is the process of customizing products?What documents need to be submitted?
Please contact our sales team, they will provide you with all the details

What is the MOQ for customized products?
According to different models of products, there are different MOQs, please consult our sales staff for details

What is the product ordering process?
Step 1: Tell us the model, quantity and payment method you need.
Step 2: Make PI to confirm order details.
Step 3: Arrange payment after we confirm your order.
Step 4: Delivery within the specified time

What are the standards for product manufacturing?
Which certification standards are met?(OEM/ODM)The company has passed ISO9001 series quality system certification, CE certification, FCC certification, ROHS certification and other common certifications in the industry.

Does the product have anti-counterfeiting labels(OEM/ODM)?


Can you provide technical support? Is there a contact number?
The products are equipped with instruction manuals. For more details, please consult our sales team.Our contact number is 86-0755-27530990.

Does the product have a warranty period? How long is the warranty period?
Our products have a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

Do you have pre-sales support services?
Please contact our sales team, they will provide you with all the details

Do you have after-sales service? What is the after-sales service process?
Please contact our sales team, they will provide you with all the details

What are the packaging and shipping conditions of the product?
Customize the size of the packaging box according to different types of products. Negotiate the specific shipping method with our sales staff.

Storage and cleaning skills of cable testersNever put the equipment in the place with much dust, humidity and high temperature (over 40C).
Please take out the battery in launcher and receiver if the equipment is not used for a long time so as to prevent that the battery liquid is leaked in future.

What are the payment methods for bulk purchases?

Is the product battery-powered or directly plugged in for use?

How can I get a calibration procedure for testers?
NOYAFA - Calibration procedurePerform the length test first, and then set the parameters. When in use, call out the parameters from the system setting interface.

Can samples be provided for free?
Please send your sample request to sales@noyafa.com.

NOYAFA - Calibration General questions Is my tester calibrated out of the box? How often should it be calibrated? Does it come with a calibration certificate? How and where can I get my tester calibrated?
The product can be used when the battery is installed or fully charged. Calibrate the data according to your needs. There is a calibration certificate. Just follow the steps in the display

Is there a detailed product catalog?

Is there a detailed user manual and service manual for each product?
Yes.The products you receive will be accompanied by instructions.

Can i visit your factory?
Our factory is located in High-tech T Industry Park, Lengshuitan District, Yongzhou City, Hunan Province. You are warmly welcome to visit.

How does your factory do in quality control?
Strict quality policy is our strategy. Equipped with complete laboratories and professional testing instruments, it can meet higher level performance tests of various products and ensure product compliance. Improve the management system and increase the testing equipment to ensure that the quality pass rate reaches 99.9%.

Can I know the status of my order at any time?
Please contact our sales team, they will provide you with all the details

What do cable testers do?
It owns three great functions of wire hunting,wire sorting and circuit status testing quickly and accurately. thus, it becomes available tool for technicians in installation and maintenance of weak current system, such as, communication line, comprehensive wiring circuit, etc. It is widely applicable to telephone system,computer network and other fields.

How do you make a cable tester?
The R&D department first gives the direction of the new product development in the sales department, and then the design department designs the product until it produces proofs and then conducts batch trial production. If there is a problem, it needs to be adjusted repeatedly.

What are the general accessories of the products?
Main product, receiver, adapter, adapter cable, headphone cable, battery, manual, warranty card, color box packaging, etc.

How to judge whether the product is anti-interference?
The receiver probe has a metal head and is not anti-interference. The receiver probe has a plastic head and is anti-interference.

Multifunction Cable Tester

What is the difference between LCD Cable Tester products and Cable Length Tester products?

The sensing range is different. The sensing range of LCD Cable Tester is 0-30mm, and the sensing range of Cable Length Testers is 0-500mm

How to reset the Noyafa NF-858C and Noyafa NF-388 LCD Monitor?
Choose factory settings

How do you test an LCD cable?
Relevant usage videos can be found on our website.

How does a cable length tester work?
Measure length by TDR theory, working by injecting signal into the cable and measuring the time for any signal to be reflected back after encountering changes in impedance caused by cable damage, open and short circuits.The recorded time is then translated into an accurate distance measurement.

How do you measure cable length?
Measure length by TDR theory, working by injecting signal into the cable and measuring the time for any signal to be reflected back after encountering changes in impedance caused by cable damage, open and short circuits.The recorded time is then translated into an accurate distance measurement.

Does length of cable matter?
The measured length range of different models of products is different, so you need to choose the correct one according to your needs.

What is a multi use detector?
It is an updated product with multi-functional cable tracking function,
Mapping and visual fault locator.

Is there an alarm for multifunctional cable detector?

When using 801/268 wiremap function, some indicators do not light up.You can try to change another cable to see if there is a problem. If it still does not light up, it may be that the line sequence light of the instrument is broken or the protection resistor is burned. It is recommended to return to the factory for repair

What are the functions of NF-801?
1. Find network cable, telephone cable and metal cable.
2. Test status of network cables and telephone lines, such as cross, and short-circuit.
3. The transmitter can be tested for open circuit and short circuit through the alligator clip wire, and can test the positive and negative electrodes of the straight current
4. The transmitter and receiver have anti-burn design, withstand voltage 60V

What are the advantages and disadvantages of NF-801?
Advantages: classic design, compact and portable, simple operation, anti-burning and durable, suitable for most line hunting scenes, early time to market, high market penetration rate, is a benchmark product in the cable system.
Disadvantages: there is no sound when the 4-core network cable is loaded, and there is no sound when the Gigabit switch is loaded.

What is the difference between a noise hunting and a noiseless hunting wires?
1. Noisy wire hunting means that there are other noises (current sound) in the wire hunting;
2. No noise wire hunting adopts more advanced technology, the instrument is not interfered by external current.
3. Noisy wire finder can only be used for switches below 100M level, and may not be compatible with high-power gigabit switches such as Huawei and H3C;
4. The noiseless wire finder compatibility is stronger, and it can be found on the 100M and Gigabit switches

NF-801 & 268, both of them can work on gigabit switches well?
NF-268 can do it, and NF-801 it can not.

NF-801 can measure shield network cable wiremap?
Yes, when testing shielded wire, use G light to indicate.

NF-801, when the battery is below how many volts, there will be a low voltage prompt?
When the battery power of the transmitter is lower than 6.5V, the scanning light and the line sequence light will be on at the same time, indicating that the power is too low.The receiver has no low-voltage warning.

NF-801,it can test open & short circuit? How to test?
Yes, the master is switched to the TEST position, then long press "switch" button, the "line sequence" light will change from flashing to steady on, insert the alligator clip into the RJ11 port, and the two clips respectively clamp the two ends to be tested. If in short circuit, the "scan" light is on.

NF-801 can test the positive and negative polarity of DC level? How to test?
Yes, dial the master to SCAN position, then long press "switch" button until the scanning light is off, and the "line sequence" light is flashing. Insert the alligator clip into the RJ11 port, and the clamps respectively clamp the two ends to be tested, if the scanning light is red, it means that the positive pole is clamped by the red clip.If the scanning light is green, it means that the negative pole is clamped by the red clip.

Why is there no sound when 801 tests on the switch?
First confirm whether it is a 100M switch or a Gigabit switch. If it is a Gigabit switch, there will be no sound when hunting. It is recommended to use our 268;801R can only be tested on a 100M switch.

NF-801 can find two-core wire?
Yes, just using an alligator clips to work together.

When NF-801 is testing wiremap, the 4&5 core lights of the receiver do not light up. What is the reason?
The 4 & 5 core wires are short-circuited. If try to use a good wire to test again, that situation also occurs, it means that the line sequence lights corresponding to the 4 & 5 core wires are burned

NF-811 can test network cable and telephone line continuity?
Yes, and the telephone line operation same as the network cable, plugged into the RJ45 port

NF-811 can test open, short and cross of network cable? How are they displayed?
Because the NF-811 receiver has only one indicator light, just only support to test open and short. It cannot judge whether it is short-circuited or crossed.
If there is a good cable,the master 1-8 Leds flashes in turn, and the receiver lights up.

Does the NF-811 have a low-voltage warning function?
NO,It is optimized on the basis of NF-801, which saves power than general wire finder, has a compact appearance and is strong and withstand voltage.

What is the difference between NF-811 and NF-801?
1. Both of them wire hunting effect are similar.
2. NF-811 is smaller and cheaper than NF-801, but it is not as convenient as NF-801 when hunting.
3. NF-811 can only the network cable wiremap. It does not support testing whether the network cable is crossed or short-circuited.
4. NF-801R can not only test continuity, but also test short circuit and crossover.

When the NF-811 is tested for wiremap, the lights 3 & 6 keep flashing after turning on, but not flashing after turning off.The capacitor is in a discharged state, you can restart it after a while.

NF-811 can be hunted on a 100M switch?
Yes, it can be hunted on 100M switch, but not on Gigabit switch.

Why does the line sequence light still display 1 to 8 when 811 cross-wiring the cores?
The 811 can only be switched on and off, it cannot show the cross of cores.

What is the difference between NF-813c and NF-268? What is the function of the continuity test? How does it work, and what is the result?
The difference is that the NF-813 has a portflash function, and the lithium battery is charged.You can directly observe results from the master when test wiremap.
The continuity test is used to test whether the circuit is short-circuited. The operation is Clamp the two wires to be tested with alligator clips at the RJ11 port. Choose the CONT function, if it is open-circuited, there is no display, if it is short-circuited, the CONT indicator light is red.

There is no sound when the NF-813C hunting.Maybe the speaker is broken.

What are the features of NF-813C?
Quickly finding the required line pairs among numerous ones, such as network cable, telephone cable and coaxil cable.Teste physical connection status of network cable.The power system: rechargeable lithium battery.

What are the selling points of NF-168S/V ?
A. Normal + anti-interference dual mode hunting, and sensitivity can be adjusted in both modes
B. Using 455kHz carrier frequency, can effectively suppress clutter interference and avoid false alarms

What is the difference between NF-168S and NF-168V?
NF-168S supports BNC hunting, but does not support VFL; NF-168V supports VFL, but does not support BNC hunting.

What is the power of NF-168V red light?
It is around 5~8mW.

Which wires can be tested with NF-168S and NF-168V?
A. It can test RJ11, RJ45, BNC cable
B, RJ11, RJ45 can measure 300m, BNC cable can measure 100m
C. It can be tested without load and with load

What are the selling points of NF-168S?
Upgraded 3 modes. In the future, it will replace model NF-268. It is easier to find the line and it is more convenient to operate.

What is the problem that the NF-268 is not connected and the wiremap light is on?
There is capacitor protection on the motherboard, and the effect of capacitor charging and discharging.However, the two ends of the network cable are connected to the transmitter and receiver, which will not affect normal operation.

What are the features of NF-268?
1.It adopts digital signal technology, anti-interference and noise-free hunting, compatible with 100M and Gigabit switches, and POE hunting mode
2. It can find 4-core, 8-core network cable, telephone line, BNC line and ordinary wire and cable
3. Find single-core wire breakpoints and two-core wire short-circuit points
4. Can be directly connected to the switch without burning

NF-268 can find electronic wires? How to find? What are the technical characteristics when tracing?
Yes, connect the cable conductors with alligator clips (the wires must be cut off). Note that the two clips cannot be clamped on the same wire, otherwise the clips will be short-circuited.
And also it can find not only the direction and location of the cable, but also the break point of the single-core wire and the short-circuit point of the two-core wire

NF-268 Without any network cable connected, light 4 & 5 is onIt means that the PIN4 & 5 of the master is short-circuited

If customers need to find lines on Gigabit switches, which models are recommended?268 Easy to use, withstand voltage 60V
858C lithium battery power supply, with red light pen function
8209 Three line hunting modes, which can measure the length, break point and short circuit point of the 3-200 meters network cable
There is also the 8601 series with more comprehensive functions

What are the anti-interference and noise-free line finder?

What should I do if the measurement error is large when measuring the length of the LCD series?
You can try to calibrate first and then measure

What should I do if I can’t measure the length of the cable length tester series?
Check whether the plug-in interface is plugged in tightly, and check whether the other side of the line is empty

How to calibrate the length measuring instrument?
Use a good line above 10m for calibration.

When using NF-858C, the lines are displayed out of order, but the line is a finished line, how to troubleshoot product problems?
First, we need to rule out whether the operation method is correct.
If you use remote pairing, you must select 1-4 pairing mode. If you choose receiver pairing, choose 1-1 mode.
If there is no problem, you can try the function of measuring the length to rule out whether there is a problem with the main interface. Then you can consider whether it is remote mismatch, and you can perform remote calibration.

What are the models with portflash function?
308,858C ,813C,8209, 388,300, 8601, 8601S, 8601W

What wires length and break point can be measured with NF-300?
Network cable and coaxil cables.

NF-300 support totest and POE test?
NF-300 does not have ping test and POE test function, if you need these two functions, you can choose NF-8601 series

NF-300 can be hunted on the POE switch?
Yes, the NF-300 has a POE hunting mode. In the hunting state, press the up/down button to switch the hunting mode

What is the difference between NF-300 and NF-8200?
1. NF-300 is for network cable and BNC cable, NF-8200 is for network cable and telephone line
2. NF-300 measures the length of network cables and BNC cables, NF-8200 measures the length of network cables and telephone lines
3. NF-300  master powered by 9V battery, NF-8200 master is AA*3pcs.

There is no sound when NF-300 is huntingIt may be that the receiver battery is out of power. It is recommended to replace the battery and try again, or the receiver's speaker is broken.

After calibration, the length error of the NF-300 test network cable is still large.It is recommended to re-test the length of the network cable after calibration using the finished cable

NF-308 can be used when connected to electricity?
How much power is used when connecting to electricity?Yes, the power is DC9-12v

When the switch is on, the 308 cable tester seems to be unable to find the correct line, and the network cable plugged into the switch can make a sound.

How can this be solved?
If the environment is more complicated, you can use the port blinking function to test for cables.

NF-308 during the process of pairing, if the network cables PIN 1 & 3 are both disconnected. How will dispaly?
If  PIN1 & 2 is short-circuited and PIN 3 & 5 is disconnected, how will it be displayed? Why is it displayed like that.Because the wiremap test results of Nf-308 are displayed in pairs.
Therefore, PIN1 & 3 disconnection will display PIN 1 & 2 & 3 & 6 disconnection, PING 1 & 2 short circuit will display PIN 1 & 2 short circuit, and PIN 3 & 5 disconnection will display PIN 3 & 4 & 5 & 6 disconnection.

What are functions of NF-308?
1. Measure the length of the network cable, which can be calibrated, stored and retrieved;
2. Find network cable, telephone cable, BNC cable, USB-A cable and ordinary metal cable;
3. Test open, crossover, and short-circuit status of the network cable and BNC cable,
This machine can determine which end of the crystal head is not done well when wiremap testing;
4. With POE hunting mode, port flashing function,
Telephone line voltage test, positive and negative test function.

What is the hunting mode of the NF-308? Can it be loaded with 4-core cable? Can it be hunted on a gigabit switch?
The NF-308 has a anti-interference ability when hunting, and it is very accurate in the cable-intensive occasions.
However, there is no sound when hunting on 4-core cable is loaded or on gigabit switch.

The value can be saved after NF-308 is turned off after the length calibration? Measure the length after turning it on again. Is it the default parameter or the calibrated parameter?After turning off, turn on again to measure the length. The default parameters are the factory parameters.
If you need to use the calibrated parameters, you can save the parameters after calibration, and select to recall the parameters when using

How to calibrate the length of LCD cable tester series?
Perform the length test first, and then set the parameters. When using, call up the parameters from the system setting interface.

Which line lengths and break points can be measured by NF-8200?
It can measure the length and break point of network cable and telephone cable.

NF-8200 can find the short-circuit position of the cable?
Yes, connect the cable conductors through the alligator clips (the wires must be disconnected), the two clips respectively clamp the two short-circuited wires, and follow the beeping signal sound. When passing a certain point, the signal disappears. This is the short-circuit point.

Does the NF-8200 master have a low voltage warning? How to prompt?
Yes, when the battery voltage is too low, a flashing battery symbol will appear on the screen.

How does the NF-8200 wiremap calibration work?
Long press the up and down buttons + power button, select CH8 from the menu, and then click the OFF button to save, after turning off the machine, restart it.

What are the selling points of the NF-8200 and what are the main functions?
The main selling point of this instrument is that it can test the length and breakpoint of the telephone line, and it can also trace the telephone line, shielded network cable and four-core network cable.

NF-8209 during hunting process, devices with different functions have different hunting effects.It supports switching different hunting modes according to different hunting environments, namely digital mode, analog mode, and POE mode.

How many hunting modes does the NF-8209 have? Which kinds are they?
There are three modes in total, digital mode, analog mode, and POE mode.

Is the length measurement error of NF-8209 large?
The product error of measuring the length of the network cable is ±3 meters or 3%, and the actual accuracy is higher than this.

Why is the length measurement range of NF-8209 is 2.5~200 meters?1. The signal band of the NF-8209 measuring length is 0.8 meters, and the three bands are 2.4 meters, so the minimum length of the measuring network cable length is 2.5 meters, and the longest 200 meters is also determined by technical principles.
2. This measurement range can meet most requirements in practical applications.
3. And the length of the NF-8209 network cable does not need to calibration.
4. Even if the network cable has breakpoints, short-circuit points and other faults, the NF-8209 has a very high accuracy.

NF-8209 how to measure the network cable breakpoint?The breakpoint is measured by measuring the length, it is a dual-core display

NF-8209 test wiremap on the switch, PIN 1~8 all short-circuitThis is normal, because a loop is formed. So it is not recommended to test on switch.

NF-8209, there is no sound when searching for shielded network cable.It mainly for ordinary network cables. For shielded network cables, you can use products such as 268, 300, 308, etc.

What is the difference between the NF-8209 length test function and other products.Using the TDR length test principle, it can accurately measure the length of meters

How many kilometers is the red light detection of NF-858C?10mW

What are the functions of NF-858C?1. CAT 5 CAT6 and Coaxial cable length continuity test;
2. Trace network cable & coaxial cable;
3. Port flash directly locate target cable connected to switch;
4. Build in a VFL to check the fiber cable faults, 10mW;
5. Detect the voltage on POE switch;
6. Short circuit test, polarity test, crosstalk test

What are the features of NF-858C?1. Anti-interference and noise-free hunting, analog mode/POE mode can be switched
2. Port flashing function, so that there is another way to trace target cable
3.4 remotes make work more convenient and improve work efficiency
4. Lithium battery power supply, super long battery life, reduce the cost of use.

What are the hunting modes of NF-858CTwo types: Analog mode and POE mode

NF-858C can measure the state of the telephone line? How to test?Plug the BNC to RJ11 line into the BNC connector, then connect the RJ11 pass-through module, and connect the phone line. Then the menu selects ""TEL""-""TEL status"", and press the enter button
If the phone line is OK, it will display "standby",
If the call is being answered or dialed, it will display "Off hook"
If there is an incoming call, it will display "ringing"

NF-858C can measure the polarity voltage of telephone line? How to test?Yes, plug the BNC to RJ11 line into the BNC connector, then connect the RJ11 pass-through module, and connect the phone line. Then the menu selects "TEL"-"TEL polarity", and press the enter button

NF-858C can measure fiber breakpoints and faults?Yes, it has a VFL function to test whether there is light coming out of the other end of the fiber, whether there is a bending, damage, light leakage, etc.

NF-858C can detect PoE.Yes, it shares a port with the port flashing interface.

NF-858C how to find the telephone line?Connect BNC to RJ11 line into the BNC connector, select the POE mode, and then you can find the telephone line.

NF-858C detect the coaxial cable on the switch and follow the coaxial cable. There is sound for a while, and no sound for a while?Because the coaxial cable has a shielding layer, it will interfere with the signal, so it is recommended to find the cable at the port of the coaxial cable, then it will find easier.

How to use the 4 remotes of NF-858C.When you test wiremap by master and remote, you need to select 1-4 mode.

NF-858C can be connected to the switch for wiremap function?Generally, it is not recommended to test wiremap on the switch

NF-858C can test crosstalk?Yes, and also, it supports wiremap test, length test, short circuit test

What is the difference between 1 to 1 mode and 1 to 4 mode when NF-858C test wiremap?Master-Receiver, select 1 to 1 mode
Mastert-Remote, select 1 to 4 mode, if the mode is wrong, the result will be wrong

NF-858C display a white screenThe battery is too low or the contrast is not set properly, or the device is burned out.

NF-858C when hunting, there is no sound when plugged into the RJ45 port.1. Check whether the wrong interface is plugged in, the hunting functioun should be plugged into the scan port of the master
2. Adjust the sensitivity of the receiver, adjust it to gears 6~8
3. If it still doesn't work, the speaker may be broken, or there are other faults, and need to be returned to the factory for repair

NF-858C can't charge inIt may the charging port is bad or the charging cable is bad.

What should I do if the automatic acquisition fails during PING testing of the NF-8601 series?If the automatic acquisition fails, you can choose to manually acquire the IP address

What is the difference between the length measuring function of NF-8601S and NF-8601W.1. The working principle is different. The NF-8601S adopts the TDR principle, and the length measurement is more accurate. NF-8601W is the common principle.
2. NF-8601S can measure the position of the breakpoint and the length of the breakpoint, NF-8601W can only measure the position of the breakpoint, NF-8601S can measure the breakpoint of multiple strands, and NF-8601W cannot measure the breakpoint of more than 2 strands.
3.NF-8601S calibration data can be used directly without recalling. NF-8601W calibration data, you need to recall data when measure again.
4. When measuring the length, the results displayed by the NF-8601S are more detailed. The length of the 8 strands can be displayed, and the NF-8601W can only be displayed in pairs.

What is the difference between NF-8601S and NF-8601W for wiremap test.NF-8601S wiremap test can display breakpoints and distances, NF-8601W can not display breakpoints and distance.

What is the difference between NF-8601S and NF-8601W PING function and TF card.NF-8601S can match more switches during PING, and the compatibility is better.
The data of both can be saved to TF card and output to computer, but the data of NF-8601S can be deleted, but the data of TF card on NF-8601W cannot be deleted. It can only be automatically overwritten when 160 sets of data are reached.

How to switch the function of the electric tester of NF-8601S?Long press the SET button until the NCV indicator light of the tester is on, it means that the switch is successful.

The NF-8601 PING function shows that the IP cannot be recognized. What should I do?Check the router, whether it can automatically assign IP.
If it is a PING LAN, you can manually enter the IP address.

What is the difference between NF-8601S and NF-8601W?1. NF-8601S can measure a variety of cables, using TDR principle to make the measurement more accurate.
2. During the wiremap test, the breakpoint and distance can be displayed, and NF-8601W can only display the breakpoint.
3. NF-8601S cannot be paired on master. NF-8601W has 8 remotes, which improves work efficiency.

NF-8601 series, which lines can be detected.It can find network cable, telephone line, BNC coaxial cable and other electronic cables

NF-8601 series, which lines can be tested for wiremap.network cable, telephone line, BNC coaxial cable

8601 series, what kind of line length can be measured?Network cable, Telephone line, BNC coaxial cable
The 8601S uses the TDR principle to measure length. It is the most accurate one in the entire series for measuring length, breakpoints, and short-circuit points. In addition to measuring the length of network cables, telephone lines, and BNC coaxial cables, it can also measure other multi-core cables (such as The length of the power cord, power cord, etc.). For users with high requirements for length measurement, breakpoints, and short-circuit points, it is recommended to use NF-8601S.

How many sets of test data can be stored in the NF-8601 series? Is there an export function?Support storage of 160 sets of test data and export function, plug in TF card to export data, the data is in TXT text file format

What is the difference between 8601W and 8601?The 8601W has 8 remote adapters,the 8601 has only one remote adapter.
Other functions and operation methods are the same.

What's the use of 8601W with so many remotes?The 8601W has eight remote adapters, each with a corresponding number on the remote, and the remote number is displayed on the host when wiring. When the amount of work is large, it can save the time to change back and forth to the far end, and greatly improve the work efficiency. It is a very practical design.

What are the 8601 series cable tester modes?8601 series cable tester function is very powerful, the original design is mainly considered to find the general cable tester can not test the line, buried line, so the signal is very strong, but most occasions do not need a strong signal, especially when the cable is very dense difficult to accurately determine the target line, so NOYAFA has carried on the technology upgrade.
The latest version of 8601 series cable tester has three cable testing modes: conventional mode, POE mode and high power mode, which can adapt to more use scenarios and better meet the needs of different users

What are the characteristics of the different cable tester modes of 8601 series?The latest 8601 series cable has three modes: conventional mode, POE mode and high power mode
General mode: accurate cable tester, detection range of about 3cm, suitable for most scenes, compatible with 100 megabit, gigabit switch, 4 core wire, 8 core wire, 5 wire, 6 wire, telephone lines, etc.
POE mode: Used to search cable with load on a POE switch
High power mode: the maximum detection range can be up to 0.5 meters. When the cable is very long or the buried line is buried deeply, which cannot be detected by ordinary line finder, high power mode can be used

Does 8601S need to be calibrated when measuring the length?The 8601S adopts TDR principle to measure the length, with high measurement accuracy and no calibration.
Considering the needs of individual users, 8601S does not turn off the user calibration function in the design, but the calibration requirements are high, and the line above 50 meters should be used as the benchmark (other products of our company generally use the line above 10 meters to calibrate)

Which model of 8601 series can measure the length of 4+2 network cable and 8+2 network cable? Which model to choose?8601S can measure the length of 4+2 network cable and 8+2 network cable, but neither 8601 nor 8601W can.
If you are measuring the length of 4 /8 signal lines, you can use network cable mode
If you are measuring the length of the two power cords, it is recommended to use a custom mode

Can 8601S measure the length of wire and cable? What should I pay attention to8601S can measure the length of multi-core wire and cable, but can not measure the length of single core cable. That is to say, the cable should be more than 2 cores. When measuring, use alligator clip to clamp two lines respectively, select custom mode.

What is the error of measuring cable breakpoint of 8601S?The error for 100 meters is about 5 meters, and for 600 meters it's 3%

How long does 8601S need to be fully chargedabout 2-3 hours

8601S unit alignment line is not correct? How accurate is the measurement of length?It is necessary to use the remote adapter for the cable, and there will be errors in measuring the length. You can first use a cable of more than 5 meters for calibration, and then re-test the length.

How does 601S align? Looked for a line on the switch and rang everywhereUse remote alignment; If there is signal interference, the sensitivity can be lowered to test the cable

8601S charging can be turned on, unplug the line can not open the machineIt is recommended to charge it for 2 to 3 hours before trying.

8601S how to turn on cable test mode?Press SET, and the cable test light will come on.

Why does the 8601S sound when the line is not the target line when it is testing?There is signal interference, the sensitivity can be lowered to achieve a more accurate tracking。

The 868 remote test line has an open circuit, why I cut the 2 core wire, and the displayed result is that both the 1 core and the 2 core are open?The display of 868 pairs of lines is a pair display, which can be judged as the existence of an open circuit of 1 core or 2 cores, or the existence of an open circuit of 1 core and 2 cores at the same time. The display mode is normal, and the instrument has no problem