What are the methods for finding fault points of power cables

What are the methods for finding fault points of power cables? Manufacturers of cable fault testers In the actual engineering maintenance and repair, the most fearful thing for maintenance personnel is that they can't find where the broken point is when they encounter a break in the wire and cable. Although our weak current engineering actual maintenance power cable fault point search methods, what are the cable fault tester manufacturers in the actual engineering maintenance and repair, the most fearful thing for the maintenance personnel is that the wire and cable are interrupted and can't find the break point in the actual project maintenance and repair. Where. Although when we actually repair the weak current project, we will directly try to change the cable or re-lay it when we encounter cable problems, but today we are discussing what methods can technically measure the breakpoint of the cable! When a fault occurs in the internal medium of the cable, the exact position cannot be seen when the outer part of the cable is covered with insulation, including strong and weak currents. Usually, the idea of ​​​​finding the breaking point is to check in sections.

For example, if there is a gap in the middle of a cable, you can measure from the two ends and three points in the middle, and take the middle point for measurement on which side is blocked, so that you can quickly find the location of the breakpoint by narrowing the scope of investigation. So in general, what are the measurement methods to accurately measure the wire and cable breakpoints? How to detect where the wire and cable breakpoints are? These common methods will help you 1. Multimeter detection method: First, connect one end of the whole cable that does not work to the live wire of strong electricity, and leave the other end empty. Turn the multimeter to the AC2V gear, start from the cable connection end, hold the black pen tip while slowly moving the red pen along the insulation of the wire, the voltage value displayed on the display is about 0.445V. .

When the red test pen moves somewhere, the voltage displayed on the display suddenly drops to 0.0 volts, which is about one-tenth of the original voltage. The breakpoint is about 15cm forward from this position (the hot wire access end). . 2. Inductive electric pen detection method Inductive electric pen is a device with an electronic screen that can detect voltage and on-off. First rule out that the cable around the breakpoint cable has power, then connect the cable with the breakpoint to the live wire, hold the electric pen perpendicular to the wire, press and hold“Induction breakpoint test”The button moves forward slowly on the wire, and when the AC signal detected by the test pen suddenly disappears, it can be judged that the breakpoint is at the detection point, and the error does not exceed 10cm at most.

Cable fault tester manufacturers need to pay attention: the cables around the breakpoint wires cannot carry power. In addition, it should be reminded that this method is not a panacea, the effect of short cables is obvious, and the longer the cable, the worse the effect. 3. Using the audio detector The audio detector is an instrument that can test the continuity of the line and identify the line fault by using single frequency or multiple frequency signals.

It can find the line directly under the condition of connecting any switch, router, PC terminal. When tracing the cable line, there is no need to strip the outer sheath of the line, which is simple and fast, and the position of the line breakpoint can be identified. 4. The cable fault tester is a comprehensive set of cable fault detection instruments.

It can test the high-resistance flashover fault of the cable, the grounding of high and low resistance, short circuit and cable disconnection, poor contact and other faults. If equipped with an acoustic measuring method, the precise location of the fault point can be accurately determined. It is especially suitable for testing power cables and communication cables of various types and voltage levels. 5. The cable fault tester manufacturer connects one end of the wire with the breakpoint to the black test lead of the multimeter, and the other end to the red test lead.

Multimeter hit the resistance 200Ωfiles. Bend back and forth where the wire is most likely to break (such as the point of frequent bends). If the multimeter shows that it is on and off, this is the breakpoint.

If you still can't judge, you need to start bending from one end of the cable until you find the breakpoint. This method is suitable for shorter cables. 6. Acupuncture detection method This method is a damage detection method. Insert a steel needle into the broken cable in sections, and use a multimeter to measure the continuity of the steel needle to the cable end to judge the breakpoint of the cable.

It is not recommended to use it under normal circumstances, because it will destroy the insulation layer, and it is easy to cause other problems in the later use of the cable, especially in an environment with high humidity. This method is to use the continuity of the cable to check the breakpoint of the cable. 7. Pulling wire detection method This is also a detection method with damage, which is generally not used in practice, but it is also a method listed together. Near the end of the cable, the insulation can be easily pulled off.

This method is used for cables where the breakpoint is near the end of the cable. Cable fault tester manufacturer Shenzhen Noyafa Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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