The cable tester mainly tests the cable wiring errors, insulation performance, and withstand voltage performance. Since cables are mainly used for signal transmission, they have certain requirements on their physical and electrical properties. In the process of use, various tests need to be carried out to detect whether its performance is normal and meet the requirements of use. This requires a best cable tester.

NOYAFA is the best network cable tester supplier and manufacturer, provides various of high quality cable tester, network test tools. Such as, cable signal tester, cable continuity tester,non contact voltage testerfiber optic power meter, ect. We have a professional team of talents, master advanced technology, and can provide customers with the best network cable tester products of high quality.

Best Cable Length Tester Factory Price-NOYAFA
NF-8601 Series are newly developed by our company which are capableofanti current interference . The equipment is composed of three parts: main tester (NF-8601-M), receiver (NF-8601-S) and remote identifier (NF-8601-R). It is a multifunction device, capable of measuring cable length, cable tracing, cable continuity testing, PoE and PING functions, also it can detect voltage presence. Users can read the test results visually from the 3.7 inch color screen. All these make this item be as a practical tool for low voltage system installation and maintenance technicians of communication circuits . and comprehensive wiring circuits. It is widely used in the fields like telephone system, computer networks and other metal lead circuits.
Cable locator  Wire tracker NF-168V - NOYAFA
NF-168V/NF-168S is an updated item with multifunction of cable tracing,mapping and Visual fault locator (this function is only for NF- 168V)according to sales requirements. It follows the shells of NF-168 emitter and receiver.But compared to series products, it's highlights is three tracing modes, three mapping mods, and Visual fault locator. Tracing modes---Ordinary tracing,Anti-interference, PoE switch; Cable mapping--Fast mode, Slow mode,Manual mode; Visual fault locator-Continuous mode, Pulse mode.
Poe Checker Tester Inline Poe Voltage Current
Main Features: 【Inline PoE power testing】Test the current, voltage and power consumed by DC appliances. 【Standard PoE testing】Test the information of the standard PoE device, such as af\at standard, power supply voltage, power supply polarity and mode. 【Non-standard PoE testing】Identify the...
China Ethernet Cable Tester PoE PING Suppliers and Factory
Functions 1. PoE function: identify which pins are providing power and detect how much voltage. 2. PING function to test network performance, data packet, min & max time. 3. Hub blink to locate network port by the flashing port light on Hub / Switch. 4. Measure length of Cat5e, cat6,...
Best NOYAFA multifunction LCD cable length tester FactoryPrice-NOYAFA
NF-868Features:1. Test open, short , cross, reverse connection and broken wire positioning.2. Capable to measure length of network cable, coaxial cable, telephone cable and USB cable.3. To quickly find the target wire or cable among kinds of wires.4. Anti-intecference when tracing cable on exchanger or Router. 5. Two scan modes: oridinary switch /PoE switch. 6. Functions of storage and memory for calibration data.7. Automatic delay power on-off and backlight function.
Wholesale Wire Tracker NF-801 with good price - NOYAFA
Directly insert RJ11 of crococile clip into RJ11 port of emitter,connect telephone line with the clamp. Push DIP switch of emitter to position of“SCAN" then wire finding indicator“STATUS”flashes which means normal work of emitter.
Hand-held Metal Detector NF-511
The NF-511 handheld metal detector uses a 1400mA polymer lithium battery, which has a long battery life. It has a lighter appearance and structure, higher detection sensitivity and other accurate and convenient sensitivity adjustment.
3-in-1 optical multimeter NF-911C
NF-911C portable optical fiber test instruments are newly-developed.Equipped with ∮1.0mm large-area detector so that the stability and reliability can be enhanced effectively; it is a kind of portable tester used for the installation, debugging and maintenance of fiber network specially. It has been widely used in various fields, such as cable construction and maintenance, optical fibertransmission, optical fiber communication, fiber optical sensor, CATV, etc.
Noyafa NF-308 wire fault locator Wire Tracker network / telephone line / coaxial cable tester OQC test.
OQC is a quality management method that uses certain inspection and testing methods and inspection methods to determine the quality characteristics of a product, and compares the measurement results with the specified quality standards, so as to make a qualified or unqualified product or batch of products.
Intro to Intelligent Anti-jamming Cable Scanning King NF-802 NOYAFA
Intelligent anti-interference cable scanning king, subversive innovation of cable scanning and line graph dual-use QC testing. Scan and Wiremap dual-use test mode, saving time and effort. Wiremap operation can be performed in Scan mode, saving the trouble of switching.It is easier to trace STP cables with port flash.Locate the network port by flashing the port light on the server/switch/hub/router port. Flashing frequency 3S/time.For more functions, please read thismanual carefully. This measuring instrument issuitable for indoor and outdoor measurements.
Noyafa NF-273L multi functional Red Laser rangefinder with distance area volume functions
In this series of measuring instruments,NF-273L (red light) can measure distance,length,height and spacing, and can also calculate the area and volume and Pythagorean measurement, and NF-273L upgrades these basic functions to operate automatic horizontal measurement, automatic vertical measurement, live voice broadcast , angle measurement .For more functions, please read thismanual carefully. This measuring instrument issuitable for indoor and outdoor measurements.
Best Noyafa NF-468S Cable continuity PoE standard tester with plug contact checking functions Factory Price
Compared with members among NF-468 series, NF-468S wins customers’ heart not only for it’s excellent reliability for continuity testing for RJ45 and RJ11, but also for it’s outstanding PoE standard testing and the contact between crystal head and pin test function, as a continuity tester, NF-468S also support external power source to work.