Noyafa Popular NF-5120 Blockage locator for water pipe with replaceable waterproof probe
To locate the blockage point of the pipe for customers, Noyafa brought in NF-5120, with replaceable waterproof probe,customers can easily locate the blockage point for pipes underground or in the wall. Blockage locators from Noyafa is different from items in the market with same function.with 5 free probe heads and self checking function, NF-5120 is easy to operate and maintain.Bringing convenient to customers in usage and also repairing.
Best Quality NF-5120 fashion designed portable high quality blockage locator Factory
Features:     1.Waterproof  probe, this detector can be used to detect wall studs, metal pipes, PVC pipes  and even water pipes.    2.Wireless  probe. It accurately locates hidden blockage, clogging inside the pipe and  reminds you with a buzzing sound.    3.Adjustable  sensitivity. The receiver can increase the sensing ability to the transmitter  by adjusting its sensitivity.    4.Equipped  with a USB cable and lithium battery, it is convenient to be charged by  computers, power banks.