Opening testing video for Noyafa multi function cable tester NF-8601W Testing Video from our customer

Main functions for NF-8601W

● Capable to test open, short, cross connection, reverse, and broken wire positioning with M-S,M-R method.

● To perform crosstalk test on network cable to solve the potential problem of slow speed.

● Measure length of network cable, coaxial cable, telephone cable and USB cable up to 2000m, no connection of remote unit.

● To quickly find the targeted cable without stripping isolation among unknown cables.

● Port flash function helps locate the target network cable more easilyon the Router / switches with electricity.

● To trace cable on exchanger or Router without current interference. Locate breakage and short position accurately.

● Scanning cable on the POE Router.

● Detect PoE presence and how much the voltage is.

● PING Testing.



 Technical indexes: 
 NF-8601W Transmitter Specifications
 Indictor  LCD 320x240 mm, with backlight
 Cable test types  STP/UTP 5E,6E network , telephone , coaxial cable
 Max. distance of wiremap  2000 m
 Max. distance of tracing  2000m
 Max. distance of cable length   1000 m
 Min. distance of calibration  10 m
 Accuracy  3% ( after calibration )
 Compatible connectors  RJ11,RJ45 ,BNC, PING/POE
 Cable map indication  LCD (#1-#8)
 Battery Type  3.7V lithium battery 1800mAh
 Work temperature / humidity  10℃ ~ -60℃ / 0℃~70℃
 Dimension(LxWxD)  173x92x34mm
 NF-8601W Receiver Specifications
 Cable hunting  RJ11,RJ45, BNC
 Types of cable  ≥ 2 cores
 Battery Type  3.7V lithium battery 1800mAh
 Dimension(LxWxD)  183x58x35 mm
 NF-8601W Remote Terminal Specifications
 Compatible connectors  RJ11,RJ45, BNC
 Remote  8
 Dimension(LxWxD)  106x32x30mm
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