Group photo of customers

Group photo of customers

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Noyafa has been making a long&well cooperation with Prokit's Industries Co., LTD since 2012. Annual sales is 500 million USD, mainly supplied cable tester, wire cable locator and underground wire tracer



Amazon is one of the important partners of Noyafa. We have many distributors of Amazon. Products series include underground cable locator, cable tester, PoE cable checker, wire detector, laser rangefinder. Top seller is NF-8209, NF-8601S and NF-488, the annual sales can reach 600USD per year.


Mobile Tele Systems(MTS)

We have established a long&well cooperation with Mobile Tele Systems in Russia since 2013. We mainly supplied TDR lan cable tester, network wire locator, underground wire detector etc. 


RBS Telecom(RBS)

Our customers cover all parts of the world, We have made a long&well cooperation with RBS Telecom in Israel for 5years, mainly supplied cable tester, wire cable locator and underground wire tracker. 



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