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NOYAFA has been operating with the aim of becoming a professional and well-reputed enterprise. We have a strong R&D team that supports our continuous development of new products, such as power voltage tester. We pay close attention to customer service so we've set up a service center. Each staff working in the center is highly responsive to customers' requests and can track the order status at any time. Our everlasting tenet is to provide customers with cost-effective and high-quality products, and to create values for customers. We would like to cooperate with customers throughout the whole world. Contact us to get more details.
With complete power voltage tester production lines and experienced employees, can independently design, develop, manufacture, and test all products in an efficient manner. Throughout the whole process, our QC professionals will supervise each process to ensure product quality. Moreover, our delivery is timely and can meet the needs of every customer. We promise that the products are sent to customers safe and sound. If you have any questions or want to know more about our power voltage tester, call us directly.
As a driven company, NOYAFA has been developing products on our own on a regular basis, one of which is power voltage tester. It is the newest product and bound to bring benefits to customers.
  • Industrial Usage Noyafa Thermal imager NF-522 with 3 modes and 9 color plates
    Industrial Usage Noyafa Thermal imager NF-522 with 3 modes and 9 color plates
    Thermal lmager is a kind of device which uses thermal imaging technology to take thetemperature and observe the heat distribution on the surface of natural objects.Any natural object will radiate infrared radiation to its surroundings.Thermal imaging technology refers to the use of optical imaging objective lens and infrared detector to receive the infrared radiation energy of the measured target and reflect it to the photo sensitive element of the infrared detector, so as to obtain a circular figure of the thermal distribution on the surface of the object.This thermal image corresponds to the thermal distribution field on the surface of the object. Generally speaking, infrared thermal imaging is to transform the invisible infrared energy emitted by an object into a visible thermal image, that is, the image oftemperature distribution on the target surface.
  • Wholesale Multimiter NF-5330A with good price - NOYAFA
    Wholesale Multimiter NF-5330A with good price - NOYAFA
    NF-5330A is a pocket type 3 5 / 6-digit pocket type real effective value intelligent scanning digital instrument; the series is triple display: main display, secondary display, analog bar. Except for the display frequency of AC voltage measurement sub display, other function sub display is normal temperature. In the process of using, users can operate continuously. There is no need to turn the dial to select the function. The meter will automatically recognize and measure based on the input AC or DC current/resistance. It has stable performance, high precision, high reliability, clear reading and overload protection. Driven by AAA 1.5V battery, the instrument adopts large screen LCD display and adopts boost power supply. Even at the edge of 2.3V low battery, it can ensure the high brightness of backlight and flashlight. The meter is easy to carry and is very popular among users. This series of instruments can manually switch and measure DC voltage and AC voltage, capacitance, NDV, diode, continuity test, live wire judgment and true RMS. It is a superior tool and an ideal tool for laboratories, factories, radio enthusiasts and families.
  • Professional poe ping nf-8601 manufacturers
    Professional poe ping nf-8601 manufacturers
    NF-8601 Series are newly developed by our company which are capableofanti current interference . The equipment is composed of three parts: main tester (NF-8601-M), receiver (NF-8601-S) andremote identifier (NF-8601-R). It is a multifunction device, capable of measuring cable length, cable tracing, cable continuity testing,PoE and PING functions, also it can detect voltage presence. Userscan read the test results visually from the 3.7 inch color screen. All these make this item be as a practical tool for low voltage system installation and maintenance technicians of communication circuits . and comprehensive wiring circuits. It is widely used in the fields like telephone system, computer networks and other metal lead circuits.
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