capacitive voltage detector

Since founded, has focused on providing customers with the finest products. Our professional employees are dedicated to satisfying customers' requirements relying on the most advanced equipment and techniques. Moreover, we have set up a service department which is mainly responsible for offering customers prompt and efficient customer service. We are always here to turn your ideas into reality. Want to know more information about our new product capacitive voltage detector or our company, welcome to contact us at any minute.
With complete capacitive voltage detector production lines and experienced employees, can independently design, develop, manufacture, and test all products in an efficient manner. Throughout the whole process, our QC professionals will supervise each process to ensure product quality. Moreover, our delivery is timely and can meet the needs of every customer. We promise that the products are sent to customers safe and sound. If you have any questions or want to know more about our capacitive voltage detector, call us directly.
NOYAFA has been focusing on developing products regularly, of which capacitive voltage detector is the newest. It is the newest series of our company and is expected to surprise you.
  • Cable locator  Wire tracker NF-168V - NOYAFA
    Cable locator Wire tracker NF-168V - NOYAFA
    NF-168V/NF-168S is an updated item with multifunction of cable tracing,mapping and Visual fault locator (this function is only for NF- 168V)according to sales requirements. It follows the shells of NF-168 emitter and receiver.But compared to series products, it's highlights is three tracing modes, three mapping mods, and Visual fault locator. Tracing modes---Ordinary tracing,Anti-interference, PoE switch; Cable mapping--Fast mode, Slow mode,Manual mode; Visual fault locator-Continuous mode, Pulse mode.
  • Cable locator Wire tracker NF-800 806
    Cable locator Wire tracker NF-800 806
    Cable locator Wire tracker NF-800 806Main functions:1. Tone and trace wire on non-active networks. 2. Loud speaker on Probe makes the tone easier to hear 3. Check polarity and shorted circuit testing. 4. Identify telephone condition, Tip or Ring.5. Clips allow easy access to individual pairs and RJ11 RJ45 easily connect to telephone jacks---no need for adapters6. Used on single conductors, twisted pairs, telephone cable and ed-energized electrical wiring    
  • Cable locator Underground wire locator NF-816L
    Cable locator Underground wire locator NF-816L
    The underground wire locator is designed to allow the user to track low voltage cables used for garden and landscape automatic watering systems, and also low voltage garden lighting systems. It can also be used to trace other metal cables. The system uses a“transmitter" to send a signal down the cable being traced or to a solenoid valve that is being located. A "receiver”is then used to pick up the signal and follow the cable or locate the coil.
  • Industrial Usage Noyafa Thermal imager NF-522 with 3 modes and 9 color plates
    Industrial Usage Noyafa Thermal imager NF-522 with 3 modes and 9 color plates
    Thermal lmager is a kind of device which uses thermal imaging technology to take thetemperature and observe the heat distribution on the surface of natural objects.Any natural object will radiate infrared radiation to its surroundings.Thermal imaging technology refers to the use of optical imaging objective lens and infrared detector to receive the infrared radiation energy of the measured target and reflect it to the photo sensitive element of the infrared detector, so as to obtain a circular figure of the thermal distribution on the surface of the object.This thermal image corresponds to the thermal distribution field on the surface of the object. Generally speaking, infrared thermal imaging is to transform the invisible infrared energy emitted by an object into a visible thermal image, that is, the image oftemperature distribution on the target surface.
  • Multifunction cable tester LCD Cable tester NF-868-2
    Multifunction cable tester LCD Cable tester NF-868-2
    Multifunction cable tester LCD Cable tester NF-868Main Features: 1.  Test open, short , cross connection, reverse, pairing connection and broken wire positioning.2.  To perform crosstalk test on network cable to solve the potential problem of slow speed .3.  Capable to measure length of network cable, coaxial cable, telephone cable and USB cable at length of 1500m.4. Cable tracing on exchanger or Router with power-on.5.  To quickly find the target wire or cable among kinds of wires.6.  Single chip software watchdog design runs reliably.7.  Functions of storage and memory.8.  Automatic delay power on-off and backlight function.9.  Self-test function shall automatically make compensation due to change of battery level and ambient temperature.
  • Laser distance meter Laser range finder NF-2050
    Laser distance meter Laser range finder NF-2050
    Laser distance meter Laser range finder NF-2050Main features1. Distance/ Area/Volume measurement.2. Single/Continuous measurement 3. Min / Max function4. Max range: 30m / 50m for optionSpecificationModelNF-2030NF-2050Range0.2~30m0.2~50mWavelength630-670nmOutput <1mWAccuracy±2mmTest time0.2~3SLCD screenFSTN with backlightButtonsMEAS,FUNC,CLEARUnitsm/ft/in/ft+inBenchmark×single/continuous measurement√Distance/ Area/Volume measurement√Pythagorean proposition measurement ×Laser auto-off30sAuto-off time2minsPower supplyAAA*2Working temperature0℃~40℃Storage temperature-10℃~60℃Protection levelIP40
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