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Having bought Noyafa products, you have now become one of our customers.

Our after sales team will provide customer service for the entire service life of our products. Your satisfaction is what we aim for. Your feedback gives us greater insight and understanding, and is valuable when we come to the planning and production of future products and services. 

We are there to help you with any technical problems, repairs or complaints you might have. 

Our after-sales service includes:

Any product found broken or in a damaged condition must be exchanged by the sales professional. 

During 1-year warranty period, we'll provide free maintenance or replacement after providing damaged proof (vedios or images), but damaged or broken products for repair will be charged the cost price if it is caused by users' inproper or wrong operations, or if they're beyond the warranty period. 

Call us (86-755-61514001) --- We'll stay in touch with the customers anytime even after the deal. and never ignore your calls during business time.

Email us (wire@noyafa.com / meter@noyafa.com) --- Descripte the faulty items' details and also provide relative images or vedios. 

Give the necessary technical support --- Help training, maintain or operate a particular product. 

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Take feedback from customers and upgrate products --- Any of your positive or negative feedback helps noyafa to know the customers better and improve our products and services for better customer satisfaction.

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