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Technological Development Helps Innovation In The Rangefinder Industry
Dec 12, 2018

The range finder is an instrument designed for distance measurement based on optical, acoustic and electromagnetic wave principles. From the basic principle of ranging, it can be divided into laser range finder, ultrasonic range finder and infrared range finder. The highest accuracy within 250 meters is measured to be 1 mm.

From the basic principle of ranging, the range finder can be divided into the following three categories, including ultrasonic range finder, laser range finder and infrared range finder. Because the range finder is small in size and easy to carry, the measurement accuracy in the range of 300 meters can reach 0.3 meters, which is very popular among the public.

Ultrasonic range finder

The utility model provides an ultrasonic distance measuring instrument which is convenient to use, accurate and fast in measurement, and low in cost. When the device is used, the host and the auxiliary machine of the range finder are placed at two points to be tested, and after the measuring switch is pressed, the host can be directly connected on the host. It shows the distance between two points, ranging from a few centimeters to hundreds of meters, and the error is within millimeters. The ultrasonic range finder is powered by battery, small in size, easy to carry, and widely used in production and life.

Intelligent communication cable alarm range finder

The intelligent communication cable alarm range finder is characterized by comprising a front panel CPU with a front panel keyboard, a recording module, a sound reproduction module, a dialing alarm module, a parameter remote setting module, and a four ranging CPU. Road ranging module for connected control. It belongs to the technical field of security devices.

Laser dynamic range finder

Using laser as a detection tool, it automatically eliminates any electronic interference by transmitting and receiving intelligent integrated technology, and can continuously measure distance under static and high-speed motion. Small size, light weight, low cost and easy to use.

Laser range finder receiving circuit

The utility model is characterized in that: a compensation circuit is arranged between the reverse bias high voltage circuit and the first amplification circuit. The invention comprises a reverse bias high voltage circuit, a first amplification circuit and an interference signal cancellation circuit, wherein an output end of the reverse bias high voltage circuit is connected to an input end of the photodetector of the first amplification circuit, and an output end of the photodetector is Interference signal cancellation circuit connection.

Leveling prism

The Leveling Prism Prism is a reflective prism that can be used with the Total Station to accurately measure horizontal distance and height difference. The Leveling Prism Prism not only retains all the functions of the existing reflecting prism, but also adds accurate measurement with the total station. The height difference function is an upgraded product of the existing reflective prism, which can be widely used in general measurement and engineering measurement.

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