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Brief Analysis On The Use Of Laser Rangefinder
Dec 12, 2018

Laser ranging is a telescope-type laser range finder. The specific parameters can be seen by clicking on the link laser ranging specific parameters. There are very specific explanations. The following steps are mainly used.


Power button: Press once to start the power supply.

Mode button: used to adjust the unit of measurement, one is meter, one is code, the general nationals can use as long as the meter can be used, the default is meter, do not need to adjust. By pressing the mode button for 3 seconds can change the unit.

Battery cover: Install two 7-cell batteries. Pay attention to the positive and negative poles when installing. The positive and negative signs will be seen inside. When measuring, the cross lens in the above figure is aimed at the object to be tested, then press the power button again. The interval number of the test is displayed. The number is maintained for 10 seconds, please record the data in time.

Note: When the product is in the scanning state, please pay attention to the mode or power supply in time. Because the scanning mode is compared with the power consumption, the working time will last for 60 seconds. So if it is not measured, please turn it off in time to prevent wasting power.

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