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Application Of Pipeline Detector In Engineering Measurement
Dec 12, 2018

The pipeline detector plays an important role in engineering measurement. Whether it is the initial survey work or the positioning work in the project, the pipeline detector is required.

Comprehensive detection and analysis of multi-type pipelines under typical regional conditions, using pipeline detector comparison analysis method to compare the internal conformity accuracy and external conformity accuracy of different pipeline diameters and different material underground pipelines. In addition, using pipeline detectors Data analysis provides a relative improvement in detection techniques. The test results show that under the unique geological conditions of the park, shallow buried pipelines can be better detected by pipeline detectors, and the effect of 75% is more ideal.

Pipeline detector manufacturers said that urban underground pipelines, as one of the important infrastructures of the city, are responsible for the transmission functions of water supply, gas supply, heat supply, power supply, drainage, communication, etc. They are the aorta and lifeline of the city and are closely related to people's lives. Scientific, accurate and complete information on the status of underground pipelines is an important guarantee for underground pipeline management, maintenance, and safe operation. Pipeline detectors can bring greater convenience and convenience to urban planning and management, and are necessary for urban development and engineering measurement. Indispensable equipment.

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