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Application Of Laser Range Finder System
Dec 12, 2018

The reflection characteristics of the target's target appearance have a great influence on the laser echo signal. A device for measuring the bidirectional emission partial function of the external surface was constructed. For the two commonly used thermal control materials, white paint coating and F36 multi-cladding, the bidirectional reflection dispersion function at 1064 nm wavelength was measured. It is concluded that the white lacquer coating has a small specular reflection and a large scattering angle, which is good for receiving echo signals in all directions; and the F36 multi-cladding specular reflection is strong. The scattering angle is -2°~2°, which is not conducive to detection. By comparing the external BRDF with the minimum received power calculated by Lambertian scattering, it is found that the incident signal is smaller when the incident angle is greater than 45°, and the echo signal is smaller. When the incident is greater than 2°, the F36 is not covered. Wave signal.

The civilian laser range finder is light in weight, small in size, simple in operation and accurate, and its error is only one-fifth to one-hundredth of the other optical range finder. Therefore, it is widely used for topographic measurement and battlefield measurement. Tanks, aircraft, ships and artillery to measure the target, measuring the height of clouds, aircraft, missiles and satellites. It is an important technical equipment to improve the accuracy of high tanks, aircraft, ships and artillery.

Should the plane of the object being measured be perpendicular to the light?

Usually, the precision ranging requires a full-reflection prism, and the range finder for house measurement is directly measured by smooth wall reflection, mainly because the interval is relatively close, and the signal intensity reflected back by the light is large enough. It can be known that it must be vertical, otherwise the return signal will be too weak to get a precise interval.

If the plane of the measured object is diffuse reflection

It is usually also possible. In actual engineering, a thin plastic plate is used as a reflecting surface to solve the problem of severe diffuse reflection.

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