The second pulse method will be an effective method for cable identification instruments


Author: Noyafa–CCTV Monitor Tester

The secondary pulse method The secondary pulse method will become an effective method for the cable identification instrument. The secondary pulse method for cable fault finding is faced with complex and diverse situations, and the safety of the operator cannot be guaranteed. The pulse current method of the cable identification instrument separates the high voltage from the instrument. It ensures the safety of instruments and testers, and the waveform is easy to identify, so it has been widely used. The secondary pulse method, regardless of the pulse voltage method or the pulse current method, has the disadvantage of difficulty in waveform identification when the power cable is faulty, especially when the power cable has branches. The power cable transmits a low-voltage pulse signal, and the principle of pulse reflection method is used to measure the distance. This method is easy to identify the waveform, but there are unfavorable factors such as the timing of pulse transmission is not easy to grasp, and the test success rate is low.

Test methods such as the secondary pulse method can get the fault location more quickly, reduce the danger of workers working near high-voltage cables, and improve the accuracy. With the advancement of technology, it is believed that the secondary pulse method will become a cable identifier test. the most effective method. Shenzhen Noyafa Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in scientific research, production and sales, and provides technical services for cable fault detection. At present, a variety of high-voltage test equipment and testing instruments have been widely used in the industry. At the same time, our company provides technical services such as cable fault detection and substation testing and testing to users across the country. The core engineer responsible for providing technical services has 20 years of on-site testing. Experience, can provide solutions according to different types of cables and site environment.

The second pulse method will become an effective method for cable identification instruments. The second pulse method Shenzhen Noyafa Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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